Org Support

This is an in-progress overview of Chicago ML organizer efforts.

Meeting Notes


  • Reach out to Chicago area business and schools
  • Build relationships with sponsors


  • Identify speakers in Chicago and beyond
  • Seek a diverse range of speakers
  • Wide range of perspectices including research, industry, civic, and teaching
  • Practical and theoretical


  • Schedule from 1 to 4 per month
  • Avoid a set day of week or venue


  • Schedule one every 1 - 2 months
  • Hands on
  • 2 - 4 hours


  • Post and maintain events
  • Post speaker slides and other content
  • General curating

Other topics

Use this space to list other topics we should be covering.

Some topics:

  • Diversity
  • Resources for learners
  • Ways to bring groups together
  • Interface with City of Chicago
  • Interface with schools and other research orgs
  • Interface with other meetups and event organizers

To Do

Identify some specific goal you’d like to accomplish.


  • Organize a meetup (need a venue and two speakers)
  • Organize a workshop (need a venue and 1 - 2 instructors)
  • Build a list of academic programs in Chicago
  • Build a list of companies doing ML in Chicago
  • Ideas for improving website
  • Make a specific change to the website
  • Work on outreach to City of Chicago
  • What else???

Think about what you want from this experience!

How can you apply your unique skills to improve Chicago ML?

And so on :)