Pull Requests

This is a guide to submitting changes to this site via pull requests.

For general information about pull requests, see About pull requests on GitHub help.

Step 1 - Fork Chicago ML repository

Visit https://github.com/gar1t/ChicagoML and click Fork in the upper right corner.

If prompted, select the account you want to create the fork in.

Note the URL of your forked repository.

Step 2 - Clone your forked repository

From a command line (or other Git interface), run:

git clone URL_OF_YOUR_REPO

where URL_OF_YOUR_REPO is the URL from Step 1.

Step 3 - Make changes to your cloned repository

Make whatever changes you want to submit as a pull request.

Commit you changes:

git commit

Type a commit message that describes your changes.

We recommend reading Commit Message Guidelines for general guidelines on writing messages.

Push your changes:

git push

Step 4 - Submit pull request

Visit you repository on GitHub and refresh the page. You changes should be reflected on the page as “This branch is N commit(s) ahead of gar1t:master”.

Click Pull Request:

And then Create pull request:

Review the pull request and then click Create pull request again:

Step 5 - Look for merge notice

We will require your contribution and merge it provided it meets our Contribution Policy.

And thank you for your contribution!